The world's largest inhabited river island


Established on September 17, 1962 with a sacred mission of illuminating the river-island and removing the darkness of ignorance, Majuli College is the premier institution of higher education situated at Kamalabari in Majuli sub-division under Jorhat District of Assam. What necessitated the college to be founded at Kamalabari was the geographical isolation and educated back-wardness of most populous river-island of the World Connecting it with the mainstream of the country was a challenge in the early sixties. A host of conscious educationists and public activists who were involved in bringing change in the status of Majuli came to this conclusion that it could be done only through the persuit of higher learning. In this regard a public meeting was held at Majuli Milan Sangha, Kamalabari in the month of March 1962 with the sole objective of having a discussion on founding a college to impart higher education to the Majulians. The meeting constitued a steering committee consisting of members from all communities to go ahead with the task. Late Keshabram Borah was made President and Late Krishna Kanta Goswami secretary of the steering commttee. It was a time when devastating floods were posing tremendous threat to their historic endeavaur but these two illustrious sons of Majuli toured every nook and corner on foot and mobilized public opinion, collected donations for the proposed college. Thus the dream of opening a college was now fulfilled.