The world's largest inhabited river island

The Self-evaluation of every department may be provided 8separately in about 3-4 pages, avoiding the repletion of data.

  1. Name of the Department : Assamese.
  2. Year of Establishment : 1962.
  3. Names of programmes/Courses officered (UG,PG, M. Phil.,

Ph.D., Integrated Master, Intergraded Ph.D., etc. )              :  U.G

  1. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and the

department/units involved                                                     :Multi-disciplinary  & Creative-


  1. Annual/Semester /Choice based credit system

(Programme wise)                                                                 :Semester.

  1. Participated of the Department in the courses offered by

other departments. :                                                                :D. El. ED.

  1. Course in collaboration with other universities,

industries, foreign Institutions, etc.                                        : No.

  1. Details of Courses/ programmes discontinued

(if any )with reasons                                                               :No.

  1. Number of Teaching posts:
Associate Professors0303
Asst. Professor0201


  1. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization, (D.Sc. /D. litt./Ph. D., /M. Phil. Etc. )
NameQualificationDesignationSpecializationNo. of Year of ExperienceNo. of Ph. D. Students guided for the last 4 years.
Amriteswar ChutiaM.AAsso. Prof.Literature30Nil
Abani Kr. Dutta.M.AAsso. Prof.Language30Nil
Mayashree Deka HazarikaM.AAsso. Prof.Language27Nil
Dulal HazarikaM.AAsso. Prof.Literature10Nil
  1. List of Senior Visiting faculty : No.
  2. Percentage of lectures delivered and Practical classes handled

(Programme wise) by temporary faculty.                                            :03

  1. Student-Teacher Ratio(programme wise) : Major 1: 23, General Course 1:67


  1. Number of academic support staff (technical)and administrative

Staff, sanctioned and filled                                                                : No.

  1. Qualifications of teaching faculty with DSc/D.Litt/Ph. D/MPhil/PG : PG
  2. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from a)National b)

International funding agencies and grants received                           : No.

  1. Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc.

and total grants received                                                                     : No.

  1. Research Centre/facility recognized by the University : No.
  2. Publications:
  3. Publication per faculty.

Article Publisher :  Amriteswar  Chutia.

  1. An article Titled” Somalochana” in “Samal Path” a Collection of poetry book written by Dhirendra Nath Borah, Published in 2001.
  2. An article Titled” Majulir Bibhinnya Janagosthir Sonmishronar ek Mohamilinor Punyakhetra” Published on the occasion of Platinum jublee of Majuli A.h. Ch. High School-1988.
  3. An Article Titled” Muktak Sanda Aru Spondit Gadya “ Published in Majuli College Magazine “ Majulian” in 2006.
  4. An article titled” Adhunik Ahomiya Jati Gothanat Chilaraiar Bhumik” Published in U.M.K. College Magazine in 2003.
  5. An article titled “ Majulir Janagathonir Swarup” Published in “ Majuli” a Comprehensive book edited by Prasanta Kr. Mahanta Published in 2001.
  6. An article titled “ The Island Heterogeneius homogeneity “ Published by Derector of of Information and Public Relations, Govt. of Assom Published in Majuli, in 2013.
  7. Published a research article titled , Majuli Oitihashik Anchal Samuhar Porichary” in “ Majuli” a Book published by A.C. T.A Assam. ISBN 978-81-92-178-11-0 Nov. 2015.
  8. An article titled” Asomia Loka Biswasat Janagosthiya probhav” published in “ Majulian” in 2004.

Article Publisher A.K. DUTTA.

  1. Name of the Book :  Adhunik Asomiya Sahityar parichai.

ISBN No.                                :  976-93-81784-36-5.

Name of the chapter   :  “Asomiya Bhasa Sahitryaloi Assam Bilasinir


  1. Name of the Book   :  Nirbachita Rachana Sambhar

ISBN No.                                   :  978-81-86384-89-3

Publisher                                   :   Panchajyana, Panbazar, Guwahati -781001.

Name of the chapter                 :   “Asomiya Loka Sanskriti –Nagar Aru Gaonar

patabhumit ek-tulanamulak bichar.

  1. Name of the Book :    “Dweep Deepika”

ISBN No.                                :    978-81-923168-7-1

Publisher                                 :   Golden jubilee celebration Committee, Majuli

College, Kamalabari.

Name of the chapter   :  “Sri Sri Dakhinpatiya Satradhikar Prayat Sri Sri

Haridev Goswami Prabhur Jiban aru oudarjya.



  1. Name of the Magazine: “Sanskriti Pallav”.

ISSN No.                                :    2250-1290

Name of the chapter   :   Sanskritik jagatar ujjal jutiska Bhupen


Publisher                                 :   “Auniati Satra Majuli”.

  1. Name of the Book :   “Upanyas Samrat Rajani Kanta Bordoloi –


Publisher                                 : Dibugrah Sahitya Sabha

Name of the chapter   : Asomiya Sahityat Pratham Samajik Upanayasar

Rachak Rajani Kanta Bordoloi.

  1. Name of the Magazine: “Tapuban”

Publisher                                 : Majuli Akas Gusthi.

Name of the Chapter  : Prachinatar Bhetit Bihur Adhunikata.

  1. Name of the Magazine: “Bohagi”

Publisher                                 : Majuli Kandriya Rongali Bihu Sonmilon.

Name of the chapter   : “ Asomar Rongali Bihu –Atit Aru Bartaman.”

  1. Name of the Magazine: “Majulian”

Publisher                                 : Majuli College students’ Union.

Name of the chapter   : Mahan Sikhaguru Sri Sri Sonkardev.


Articles Published :  M.D . Hazarika .

1.An article Titled “ Asomiya bhasar Akhar Jontanir Samashya” Published in Garamur Sakha Sahitya Sabha Magazine.

  1. An Article titled” Majuli Satranusthanar Utpatti” Published in Charaigaon Bidyalayar Sonial Jayanti Megazine.
  2. An Article Titled “ Mahapurus Dujanar byaktittyar Uparat Eti Chamu Alokpat “published in “ Luit kanya” A Megazine of Garamur Lekhika Somity.
  3. An article titled” Samayar Pratyahban” Published in “ Payudhi” Kastuwa Mahila Somity.
  4. An Article titled “ Samayar Pekshapatat Ek byatikrami Chinta” Published in “ Bhakati Rangar”Assam Bhaona Samaroh-2016.

Article Publisher :  D. Hazarika

1 .   Published an Article “ Sonowal Kacharir Bihu”-

“ Bohagi” Souvenir of Majuli Rangali bihu Sanmilan in 2007.

  1. An article entitled “ Moransakalar Bihu” published in Bohagi, the souvenir of Majuli kendriya Bihu

Sanmilan in 2008.

  1. An article titled “ Majulir Sattrahamuhar Ovadan : ek Somu Obolukan” Published in bimrisha, the Jurnel of assam College teacher association, Majuli Zonal Committee, 2nd Issue June 2012.
  2. Published a research article titled “ Asomiya Kalpavigyan Sahitya” in Sankrity pallav ISBN 2250-290 vol issue3,2012.
  3. Published a research article titled “ majuli sattranusthanot Bhaonar poribeshan Reeti” in Majuli A book Published by ACTA Assam ISBN No. 978-81-92178-11-0, Nov 2015.
  4. Published Research article Titled “ Hemachandra Baruahar Kaniyar kirtan “ In a research Journel Bodhidroom, Published By Majuli College literary Foroum, ISBN 2321-4791, Vol 1, September,2013.
  5. Published a Research Article titled “ Ankia Bhaonar Asharjya “ In Bhaona aru Janagosthiya xonghati ISBN 978-81-931069-0-7, Januari 2015.

Article published in Collge Magazine” Majulian”

  1. An article published titled “ Garakhiya Desh” in-2005-2006.
  2. An article published titled “ Jyoti Prasadar Shilpi Namaj “ In 2007-2008
  3. An Article Published titled “ Rukmini Harana aru Parijat Haran Naator Samaj Jivanar Chitra” in 2009-2010.
  • Number of pepers published in peer reviewed journals (National/international)

By facility and students                                                                                  :No.

  • Number of publication listed in International Database

(for EG. Web of Science , Scopus, Humanities International

Complete, Dare Database –International Social Sciences

Directory, EBSCO host, etc.                                                                          :No.

  • Monographs : No.
  • Chapter in Books : No.
  • Book Edited : No.
  • Books with ISBN/ISSN number with details of published                          : No.
  • Citation Index : No.
  • SNIP : No.
  • SJR :No.
  • Impact factor            : No.
  • H-index                                                             : No.


  1. Areas of consultancy and income generated :
  2. Faculty as members in
  3. National committees b) International Committees
  4. c) Editorial Boards…….                                                                               : Yes.
  5. Student projects:
  6. a) Percentage of students who have done in house

projects including inter departmental/programme                                          : No.

  1. Percentage of students pleased for projects in Organizations

Outside the institution i.e. in Research laboratories/Industry/

Other agencies.                                                                                         :No.

  1. Awards /Recognitions received by faculty and students : No.
  2. List of eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors to the department : No.
  3. Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized & the Source of funding
  4. National One National Seminar titled

“The Evolution of Assamese culture.” 12th Feb/2004, self Funding.

  1. International : No.
  2. Student profile programme/course wise :
Name of the Course/Programme

(refer question no.

Applications receivedSelectedEnrolledPass Percentage
*M* F

General Course










General Course










General Course










General Course











  1. Diversity of Students :
Name of the Course% of Student from the same state% of Students from Other States% of Students from abroad
  1. How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET,SELF,GATE, Civil services, Defense Services, etc. ? : Dose Not arise.
  2. Student progression
Student progressionAgainst % enrolled
U.G. to PG30%
PG to M. Phil.No.
PG to Ph. DNo.
Ph. D. Post –DoctoralNo.

·         Campus Selection

·         Other than campus recruitment



Entrepreneurship/ Self –emplacement.No.


  1. Details of infrastructural facilities
  2. Library : Yes
  3. Internet facilities for Staff & Students : No.
  4. Class rooms with ICT facility : No.
  5. Laboratories : No.
  6. Number of Students receiving financial assistance from college,

University, Government or other agencies.                                        : Yes

  1. Details on Student enrichment programmes (special lectures /

workshops/seminar)with external experts.                                          : No.


  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning : Seminar Group

Discussion Home –work etc.


  1. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)

and Extension activities                                                                     : Yes

  1. Chutia.
  2. Attended Social Meeting as Speaker and president Participated as Speakers of poetry Workshop.
  3. Participated as an active organizer of N.S.S special Camp, adviser and working president of College Student Body, Member of Construction for College Auditorium, Girls’ Hostel and Class room.
  4. Zonal officer Duty on H.S.L.C Examination, Invigilation Duty on Higher Secondary and Degree Exam, A. O.C on Degree Exam. Duty. Secretary and President of College Teachers’ Unit etc.
  5. Associate with several Social –Cultural Organization of Majuli, District Sport Association, life Member of Asom Sahitya Sabha, President of Ramdhanu Sakha Sahitya Sabha in Kamlabari ,Majuli.
  6. k. Dutta.
  7. Attended Social Meeting as Speaker and president Participated as Speakers of poetry Workshop.
  8. Participated as an active organizer of N.S.S special Camp, adviser and working president of College Student Body, Member of Construction for College Auditorium, Girls’ Hostel and Class room.
  9. Zonal officer Duty on H.S.L.C Examination, Invigilation Duty on Higher Secondary and Degree Exam, A. O.C on Degree Exam. Duty. Secretary and President of College Teachers’ Unit etc.
  10. Associate with several Social –Cultural Organization of Majuli, Member of Majuli College Governing Body.
  11. SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans :

S=   Teaching staff well, Student strength:   Major Course – :  180 Nos.

General  Course  : 417 Nos.

W=  Class room Space Not Sufficient

O=   Satriya Culture. C= Annual flood Problem, Economical backward & communication problem.

Kartik Nath, M.A. M.Phil.

Designation: Non Sanctioned

Phone No: 9401140672

Lawanu Hazarika, M.A

Designation: Non Sanctioned

Phone No: