The world's largest inhabited river island

Name of the Department:                                                  Economics

  1. Year of Establishment: 1962
  2. Name of Programmes: G – Major and Pass

P.G – In Distance Mode

  1. Name of Interdisciplinary courses department involved: Nil
  2. Semester System: U.G

Annual System: P.G

  1. Courses in collaboration with other universities: KKHSOU, D.EL.Ed
  2. Details of courses/ programmes discontinued: No
  3. Name of teaching posts:
Associate Professors11
Assistant professors32
  1. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization (D.Sc/D.Litt/Ph.d/M.Phil etc)
NameQualificationDesignationSpecializationYear of ExperienceNo. of students guided for last 4 years
1. Mr. Rajen Ch. BorahM.A, M.PhilAssociate ProfessorDemography25 YearsNo
2. Dr. Brojen Ch. NeogM.A., M.Phil, Ph.DAssistant ProfessorMathematical Economics and Econometrist17 YearsNo
3. Dr. Rupjyoti BorahM.A., Ph.DAssistant ProfessorDemography12 YearsNo
  1. List of Senior visiting faculty: Nil
  1. Percentage of lectures delivered and practical classes handled by temporary faculty:

Major Classes:             20%

Pass Course Classes:  30%

  1. Student Teacher Ratio: G- Major Classes:   20:1

U.G- Pass Course:       10:1

  1. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff, sanctioned and filled: Nil
  1. Qualifications of teaching faculty with D.Sc/D.Litt/Ph.d/M.Phil:

M.Phil: – 2

Ph.D:- 2

P.G:- 1

  1. Number of faculty with ongoing projects from :

(a) National – Nil

(b) International –Nil

  1. Departmental Project funded by UGC-MRP- 1

Amount Rs. 1.5 Lakhs

  1. Research Centre/ facility recognized by University- Nil
  2. Publications – per faculty

Faculty- 1

             Mr. Rajen Ch. Borah – Associate Professor

  1. Number of paper published in per reviewed journals: No
  2. Number of publications listed in international database: No
  3. Monographs: No
  4. Chapter in Books: No
  5. Books Edited: No
  6. Books with ISBN/ISSN: No
  7. Citation Index: No
  8. (A) Areas of Consultancy: Resource Person
  9. Sericulture Department
  10. Master Trainer Rural Development Programme, Govt. of India
  11. Total Literacy Campaign, Jorhat District
  12. Fishery department Majuli Sub-Division

Faculty- 2

         Dr. Brojen Ch. Neog- Assistant Professor

Articles and Research papers: (With ISBN)

  1. “মাজুলীৰ কৃষি অৰ্থনীতি আৰ অন্যান্য”- মাজুলীৰ ঐতিহ্য আৰ সংস্কৃতি ACTA, 2015.
  2. “মুখা শিল্প মাজুলীৰ অৰ্থনীতিৰ যোগাত্মক দিশ” – ACTA, 2015
  • Analysis of Bio-Diversity and Eco- Tourism with special reference to Majuli Island – Journal NNS College, 2015
  1. Problems and Prospects of Higher Education in Assam- Journal Bihpuria College, 2015
  2. The Common Issue of Recent Economy VAT, MODVATE TO CENVAT- নিৰ্বাচিত ৰচনা সম্ভাৰ-২০১৩ মাজুলীয়ান (২৯৭০-২০১২)
  3. “ The Mouth Watering Majuli”- Majuli – Directorate of Information and Public Relation- 2013
  • “মোৰ শিক্ষাৰ কঠিপাতনি-কঠৰ উৰ্বৰ ক্ষেত্ৰ মাজুলী মহাবিদ্যালয়” দ্বীপ-দ্বীপিকা, মাজুলী মহাবিদ্যালয়, ২০১৩
  • A Study on Saving Behaviour of Primary school Teachers a special reference to Majuli Sub-Division- NEF Journal, Commerce and Management, Dec-2011
  1. “Borrowing Behaviour of Primary School Teachers” -A Case Study in Majuli- Indian Journal of Social Science and Science, March-2011


  1. Education evaluation of Majuli- Sanskrit Pallav -2016
  2. Modi’s Budget and Expectation for Rural Area- Sanskriti Pallav- 2016
  • Bio-Diversity and Eco- Tourism- A case Study in the world famous river Island Majuli- Demorian Review 2015 ( Online Magazine)
  1. Majulir Arthanitit Swaniyujan- Sanskriti Pallav 2015(Auniati Satra)
  2. Bio-Diversity and Eco-Tourism- A Discussion reference to Majuli – sanskriti Pallav, 2015
  3. “তঠ্য জনাৰ অধিকাৰ” – পয়োভৰা, ২০১৫ (RTI – A discussion, Payobhora)
  • “চাহ উদ্যোগ অসমৰ অৰ্থনীতিৰ মেৰদত” – পয়োভৰা, ২০১৪
  • “কৃষি পৰ্যটন এক আশাৰ ৰেঙনী” – পয়োভৰা, ২০১২ (Tea Industry-backbone of Assam Economy- Payobhora)
  1. “পৰ্যটন কেন্দ্ৰ হিচাপে মাজুলী”- পয়োভৰা, ২০১২ (Majuli as Tourist Centre- Payobhora)
  2. “দৰিদ্ৰতাৰ নতুন সংজ্ঞা”- পয়োভৰা, ২০১২ (New definition of Poverty-Payobhora Yajana)
  3. “শৰতৰ বতৰত মাজুলীৰ ৰাসলীলা”- প্ৰান্তিক, ২০১১ (Rashlila of Majuli at Autumn season)
  • ““দৰিদ্ৰতাৰ নতুন সংজ্ঞা”- প্ৰান্তিক, ২০১১
  • Musk Making Industry in Majuli Economy- Nezine- Online Magazine, 2016

Without ISBN & ISSN

Total- 19 Articles by covering various aspects (Mention on Self Appraisal Report)

Review and Books: (In Assamese)

  1. “Marubhumi Aha Lahe Lahe” – Akil gogoi- Dainik Janambhumi ( Daily News Paper) 2014
  2. “Lidolam” – Juri Boraborgohain- Dainik Janambhumi- (Daily News Paper) 2013
  • “Sukula Hatir Khos” – Prabhat Goswami- Dainik Janambhumi (Daily News Paper) 2013
  1. “Baidhya Abhigyan” – Dr. Debajit Saikia- Dainik Janambhumi, 2013

Books with ISBN:

U.G – Major Course and Non-Major:

  1. “সাম্প্ৰতিক ভাৰতীয় অৰ্থনীতি”-বনলতা প্ৰশাসন, ২০১৫(Recent Issue of Indian Economy- Banalata Publication)
  2. “মুদ্ৰাতত্ব আৰ বিত্তীয় বজাৰ” – বিদ্যাভৱন , ২০১৪ (Monetary Theories and Financial Market – Bidyavaban)
  • “চৰকাৰী অৰ্থনীতিবিজ্ঞান”- বনলতা, ২০১২ (Public Finance- Banalata Publication, 2012)
  1. “অৰ্থনীতিত পৰিসংখ্যা প্ৰণালী”- বনলতা, ২০১২(Statistical Methods in Economics-Banalata Publication, 2012)
  2. “সমষ্ঠিগত অৰ্থনীতি তত্ব” – বনলতা, ২০১২ (Macro Economic Theory- Banalata Publication, 2011)

  1. (B) Areas of consultancy and Extension activities:
  2. Resource Person -12 day workshop D.EL.Ed Programme under KKHSOU, 2012, Pub-Majuli College, Bongaon
  3. UGC- sponsored coaching classes for entry in service – 27th to 25th Nov. 2011- Organised by Majuli College, Kamalabari
  4. Resource Person – Acharya Prashikshan borga, Rawanaper from 09th March to 17th March 2009.
  5. Examiner and Scrutinized- TDC Part II – Under D.U from 15th March to 03 April, 2012- Majuli College.
  6. ACTA- Annual Conference attends as deligate held on 1st to 4th Nov, 2015.

Faculty- 3        

Dr. Rupjyoti Borah- Assistant Professor

    Articles and research papers (with ISBN/ISSN)

  1. Majulir Samridhishali Jaiba-Bichitrata- Payobhora, 2011
  2. Arsenicmukta Ekhan Asomar Sandhanot- payobhora, 2012
  3. Parivesh Arthanitir Proyojoniyat- Payobhora, 2015
  4. Majuli: Uttar Purbanchalar Ek Oitiharik Sthan- Payobhora, 2006
  5. Rich Biodiversity of Majuli – Sanskriti Pallav, 2012

Books with ISBN

  1. Arrthanitit Prarabhik Parisankhya- Kaustabh Prakashan, 2013
  2. “Athma Sohayak Gothar Somoiya aru Sombhaboniyata” Article- Majulir Aitijya aru Sanskriti- ACTA, 2015
  3. Traditional Handicraft in Majuli Sub-Division- Article-Small Scale Industries in Assam.
  4. Majuli – The Prosperous River Island- Article-Deep-Deepali, 2012.

Faculty-4 (Non-Sanctioned)

Mr. Dinesh Pegu- Assistant Professor

Article and Research Paper (with ISBN)

  1. “Cottage Industry: A Special Reference from Mishing Community.” – Cottage Industry Leading Issues in Economic Development. December, 2015.

Article with ISSN

  1. The Socio-Cultural Life of the Mishings’ of Assam- Mezankari, June, 2015.
  1. (C) Areas of Consultancy and income generated:
  2. Resource Person- UGC Sponsored Coaching Classes for entry in Services- Majuli College, 27th Oct to 25th , 2011
  3. Examiner and Scrutinizer- TDC II , D.U 15th March to 03rd April, 2012
  4. Resource Person in working organized by Impact N-E (NGO) on Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme on Fashion Designing.
  1. Faculty as member in International, National and Editorial Boards.
  2. Students Projects: No
  3. Awards/ Recognitions received by faculty and Students: No
  4. List of eminent academicians and Scientists/Visitors to the Department: No
  5. Seminars/Conferences/ workshop organized and the Source of funder: No
  1. Student Profile Programme/ Course wise:
Name of the Course/ProgrammeApplications ReceivedSelectedEnrolledPass Percentage
B.A25 Admissions ( 2009-10)

20 Admissions (2010-11)

25 Admissions (2011-12)

20  Admissions (2012-13)













2012- 66.67%

2013- 31.25%

2014- 62.50%

2015- 50%

M.A (Economics)2013-14—01









One Passed 2015- 100%
  1. Diversity of Students:
Name of the Course% of the Students from same state% of Students from other state% of Students from abroad
U.G (Major % Pass Course)100%0%0%
  1. 27. How many students have cleared National and State competitive examinations:

Teacher Eligibility Test: – 3

Student ProgressionAgainst % Enrolled
U.G to P.G2012-    20%

2013-    40%

2014-    80%

2015-    60%

  1. Student Progression:

  1. Details of Infrastructural facilities:
  2. Library- Yes, only for reading at College.
  3. Internet facilities for staff & students – yes, wifi
  4. Classroom with ICT facility- No
  5. Laboratories- No need.

  1. 30. Numbers of Students receiving financial assistance from College, University, Govt. or other


  1. Financial Assistance from college- 01- Bikash Das, Award from our College for Best Graduate in our College, 2014
  2. Financial Assistance from UGC – 01- Kasturi Boruah, 2015. Briliant Student above 75% in H.S Final
  1. Details on Student enrichment programmes, Annual Lectures- Late Muhidhar Bharali

               Memorial Lectures- 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

2012:- Resource Person- Dr. Ananta Madhav Boruah, Prof., Assam Agricultural University

2013:- Resource Person- Dr. Samudra Gupta Kashab, Eminent Journalist.

2014:- Resource Person- Dr. Mallika Kondali, Prof.

2015:- Resource Person- Dr. Dambarudhar Nath, Prof. and Head Deptt. Of History, Dibrugarh   .


  1. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning- seminar, Group Discussion, Assignment, Classroom instruction, Question-answer method, Tutorial Class.
  2. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility and Extension activities- Every facility

               Attend Various Awareness Campus in locality.

  1. SWOC analysis of the department and Future Plans:-
  2. Introduction of Rural Development course in our College.
  3. Introduction of Employment Generation course in our Department.
  4. Organising National and International Level seminar and workshop.
  5. Extension of departmental Library
  6. Increase of faculty.


  1. Flood affected Area
  2.    Students’ Economic condition is very poor.
  3. Communication Backwardness.

Dr. Rupjoti Borah, M.A. Ph.D.

Designation: Associate Professor

Phone No: 9435641634

Dinesh Pegu, M.A.

Designation: Non Sanctioned

Phone No:

Bikash Das, M.A.

Designation: Non Sanctioned

Phone No: