The world's largest inhabited river island


“Knowledge finds the path,wisdom lights it”

Majuli College library started in a small room of the college in the year 1962 and moved to its present premises in 1998.since then it has grown in size and contest to take the present shape. With the developments in computers,communication technologies, the behavioral characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly and the library is trying to its best to adapt with the technological advancement.The library of the college has an extensive and varied collection of books.This collection is augmented on a regular basis.To facilitates a congenial atmosphere for reading.

The library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources ( print and electrronics ). The library is providing various services to its users. It has been catering to the needs of fifteen hundred students of under graduates, research schloar, Distance Education and KKHOU students, Faculty members,college staff members and also the outsiders specially the neighbouring locality of the college. At present the collection of the library covers the latest information resources,subscribing print journals. The collection of books,back volumes of periodicals, CD ROM,DVD ROM databases and special collection of river island of Majuli.The Majuli College Library is renamed as “ATUL CH. GOSWAMI LIBRARY” in the year 2012 the founder principal of Majuli College.
The college authority has decided to take the advantage of SOUL(2.0 version) Library Management Software in the library. For the last five decades, the library has been life line of the academic activities of the college.